SJB Projects offers the following Freelance Quantity Surveying services to subcontractors. 


Any of the services below can be carried out individually or combined to suit your budget and precise requirements.  We are totally flexible in the provision of our services and welcome any specific requests you may have.




  • We can provide take offs and form bills of quantities for your tender enquiries.  We can arrange to print drawings and documentation from CD/PDF enquiries, simply forward us an email or CD
  • We can provide estimates quickly and efficiently;
  • Attend pre-order / start meetings to agree terms and conditions with potential clients;
  • Analyse the Subcontract documents and eliminate conflicts and ambiguiys to allow you to carry out the works without the potential contractual issues that can arise




  • We can carry out and manage your interim applications;
  • Ensure that your application is submitted at the correct time and subsequently ensure that payment is made by the contractor in accordance with the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration act 1996;
  • Ensure that you are recovering your variation entitlement during the course of your period on site;
  • Carry out cost and value reconcilations to ensure effective cost control and maximise your profits;
  • Monitor your program and the Contractors program to ensure your receive any Extension of Time entitlement;
  • Agree your final account in a timely manner and ensure you receive your retention release in acordance with the subcontract;
  • In case of any ambiguities or disputes in the settlement of your account, we will attempt to resolve in a cost effective manner;
  • We can prepare extension of time and loss and expense claims.


Contact us about any of these services